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There are always two people in every picture: 

the photographer and the  viewer. 

~Ansel Adams ~




My Current Gear:


  Nikon D300, D5100, D200 (D700)

  Tamron 17 - 50 2.8

  Tamron 28 - 75 2.8

  Sigma 70 - 200 2.8

  Tamron 200 - 500

  Nikon 70 - 300 VR

  Nikon 18 - 200 VR

  Kenko 1.4 Pro Teleconverter



  Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

  Gitzo 1297 Balsat Tripod

  Fiesol CB- 50D ball head




Member of:

North American Nature Photography Association


South Eastern Women Photographers Network






All photos on this website are

copyrighted to Cindy Nowlin 1999 - 2014.


    About Me....


"God has a plan for all of us, but He expects us to do our share of the work."  Minnie Pearl



Plain and Simple, I LOVE photography. I LOVE being outdoors and part of nature. I LOVE the peace and quiet of snow falling to the ground, The sound of water rushing from a mountain stream or the waves crashing onto the shoreline, the beauty of when the brown turns to green and new life abounds everywhere. I LOVE when the reds, oranges & yellow leaves light up the hillsides almost overnight. I LOVE looking into the eyes of a wild animal, feeling at one with them while knowing enough about their behavior to keep my distance and know just how far I can approach. Yes, I love photography! It is my stress release in this ever changing and sometimes difficult unfair world.

I am for the most part a self taught photographer. Although I try to improve all the time via online resources and from the wonderful photographers I spend my time out in the field with.  I grew up in a small town in central Florida and couldn't wait to leave. I've been lucky enough to travel and lived in many big cities. Now in my middle forties to ever getting close fifties, small town life is what makes me happy. Of course, I left Florida and only return in short visits to enjoy the beaches and photograph the wintering migrating birds. These days, I live within 15 minuets of the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains, can get to the Blue Ridge Parkway  in about an hour. Sometimes I forget I have been lucky enough to live a really interesting life and have done more than most in my short time on earth. I have photographed everything from weddings, business events, sporting events,  concerts, ect.  Spent several years in Nashville and hung out with celebrities such as Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Brad Paisley, Willie Nelson, Peter Cetera, Richard Marx and so many wonderful Grand Ole Opry Members as well as sports figures such as Nancy Lopez, Arnold Palmer, Anita Sorenstam just to name a few. The list goes on. ..

I have enjoyed watching the waves rush onto the shoreline, marveled at a sunrise or sunset over the beach or mountain vista, traveled every single mile of the Blue Ridge Parkway many times over, explored  all areas of the Great Smoky Mountains and love to  just get in the car and go see where life takes me.  Every year and mile is a certainly a memory. I still have many places I want to visit and many things I want to accomplish with my photography. I have been published, have sold prints, hung out with superstars and really its not been that bad so far, can't wait to see what the future holds.

Facts in a Flash!


Music? I enjoy about as many types of music as I do photography. Mostly I listen to Contemporary Christian Music, its good for the soul. Classic Country Music fills up my ipod, you know back when it was real country music. I also enjoy Jazz, Classical, Nashville Symphony Orchestra, Pop & Rock Music. And hit's of the 80's you remember, way back when.. .


Who is on my ipod Just to name a few favorites: Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Keb Mo, Colbie Calant, Diana Krall, Michael Buble, Mercy Me, Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, Lady Antebellum, Will Hoge, Don Williams, Statler Brothers


Sports? Most find it funny, but I like hockey, actually I LOVE Nashville Predators Hockey. Also a fan of TN Titans and will watch the occasional Atlanta Braves Games.


What's on my Bucket List? Well of course like all photographers, I have a list a mile long of places I want to visit. Alaska is top of the list at the moment.  Grand Tetons, Yellowston, Maine/Vermont just to name a few. Mostly, I just want to live life to the fullest and be thankful for each and every day the Lord has allowed me to remain on this earth.


Any other skills or Hobbies? I can actually do more than photography, even though that is what I love to do. I have a degree in Business & Accounting. Also love computers, website design and can play the guitar. Not as good as Chet Atkins or Vince Gill, they are the masters.


Notice:  All photos on this website are copyrighted to Cindy Nowlin 1999 - 2014. Website designed by Cindy Nowlin with help from Drew Barnes.

They are NOT to be downloaded, or used anywhere or on any other website without my permission! All rights reserved under copyright laws.



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